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Ken Judd Penn State Numerical Methods course

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Penn State 2012 – Numerical Methods by Ken Judd

Lecture schedule:

  • Monday, March 26: Optimal control applied to an Integrated Assessment Model.
  • Tuesday, March 27: DSICE: Dynamic Stochastic Integrated model of Climate and the Economy
  • Wednesday, March 28: The future of IAM models (and CGE more generally), and VVUQ
  • Thursday, March 29: Polynomial systems: commutative algebra. See Kubler and Schmedders
  • Friday, March 30: Polynomial systems

Slides for Monday and Tuesday are PSU_DICECJL_slides_web.pdf and Lontzek_Stanford_SEEPAC2012.pdf.

Papers are DICE_CJL_PSU.pdf and DSICE_PSU_paper.pdf.

See “Open Science is Necessary” for a short discussion of DICE and openness. The codes are at Open Science Letter